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Exams and assessments

Find out about academic assessments at UCL including information on exams and guidance on assessments for postgraduate research students undertaking vivas and writing theses.

How we are supporting your assessment during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

All centrally managed examinations will be delivered on-line in 2020/21.

Find out more about how we are supporting your assessments in 2020-21 and how you can plan, prepare and navigate assessments to get the best out of your learning.

COVID mitigation arrangements

Your Assessments in 2020-21

How UCL is supporting your exams and assessments during COVID-19.

Exams and assessments FAQs

A student wearing a facemask sits at a desk on their laptop

Frequently asked questions about exams and assessments, including mitigation measures, for 2020-21.

Assessment planning: a guide

Link to Late summer assessments

Find out how to best prepare for your exams and assessments throughout the year. Our guide tells you what you need to know.


Link to Exams

Find out when and where exams are held, and what to do if you need extra support to sit them. 

Research assessments

Link to Research assessments

Guidance about assessments for research students including information on thesis binding.

Certificates and results

Link to Results

Transcripts are available after exam results have been collated, find out how to get yours. 

Academic Integrity

Link to Plagiarism

What is Academic Integrity, why is it important, and what happens if you breach Academic Integrity.

Illness and unexpected disruptions

Link to Defer your exam or assessment

How to get support through our Extenuating Circumstances process.

Assessment and feedback guide

Guide to assessment and feedback

Find out more about why and how you're assessed and the role that feedback plays in your academic development. 

Make a complaint

Link to Academic Manual on complaints

Find out more about the regulations and processes you'll need to follow to make a complaint.

Module Catalogue


Find summary information on all of the modules running at the University during the academic year.