Reimbursement of mandatory health insurance

If you are required to purchase mandatory health insurance coverage to study abroad at your host institution, you will be able to claim a reimbursement of the cost through UCL.

Once you have made a payment for mandatory health insurance purposes (this may be one payment for annual coverage at the beginning of your placement or payment across a number of instalments), please follow the steps below to enable us to process your reiumbursement. Please note that admin fees, orientation fees etc. are not reimbursable costs. 

Your reimbursement will be processed once the pack you submitted meets the requirements. We aim to respond within three working days, outside of peak time, to confirm if your Health Insurance Reimbursement Pack has been submitted correctly. If it is all in order, you can expect to receive your reimbursement within 4 weeks from that date. If you made the payment in an overseas currency, this amount will be converted by us and you will be paid in Pound Sterling. 

Claims for reimbursement must be submitted to us within 6 months of payment. We cannot consider any claims for reimbursement of payments made outside of this time. 

Steps for completing the Health Insurance Reimbursement Pack

  1.  Complete all sections of the Reimbursement document to confirm your details and your preferred payment method 
  2.  Send the completed document and all relevant receipts (providing additional explanation of each document, if necessary) in one email to studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk
  3. The Study Abroad Team will reply within three working days to confirm whether the pack meets the requirements of our Insurance Team 

Requirements are not met by my proof of purchase 

 In some cases, you may find that all of the requirements are not met by your proof of purchase. For example: 

  • Your documentation may confirm payment for health insurance, but not include your full name on it
  • Your documentation confirms payment bu doesn't specifically state this payment was made for health insurance
  • You have provided an invoice confirming the amount due, but no receipt of payment 

In this case, we will confirm what we require and ask you to resend the complete pack once you have obtained the correct evidence from your host institution.